The Story


My name is Istvan (Steven) and my son's name is Antal (Tony). He is now 32 years old. In 1990, Tony suddenly got sick in San Francisco, California around his 16th birthday. The doctors declared him brain-dead and in a persistent vegetative state. They said that he had only a week to live. But I did not believe the doctors. I believed in the Name of Our Lord, Jesus. I did not believe that my son was going to die or remain in a vegetative state.

On 3/21/1991, I took him home from the hospital and waited. For about 3 years, no one wanted to do anything with my son, Tony. They just treated him as vegetative and gone, like he wasn't even there. A lot of American churches and Christian brothers and sisters did not come to visit us, instead saying that my son was gone, that I should put him away and go to work. There was one fanatic church group that did come one time of every 11 month. Six people would come for 10 minutes. They would start jumping, screaming, laughing, hollering and falling down on the floor. I got angry because I didn't understand how they were praying. And my loving son Tony was still very ill, not even able to breath good. Everything was upside down.

Then I became much angrier with these people. I was so exhausted that I sat down in a chair to take a nap for ten minutes. Then I heard a voice talk to me loud, soft and slow. The voice told me, "there is a reason my Father has given you a whole body, two feet, two arms, eyes, ears, a mouth, and everything else. Go out and ask for help in my Father's name and your son, Tony, will recover, as though he had never been sick. He will walk again, like before." Then I opened my eyes and heard the same voice over and over again, non-stop all day.

In the evening, I got angry because the voice would not stop. I went over to a Walgreen's Drugstore and there was a nice Spanish lady. I call her "Mama" because I always forget her name. I said to her, "Please, Mama, sit down in a chair because I'd like to explain something." Then she sat down in a chair. I explained what the voice was telling me. As soon as I finished talking, she jumped up from her chair, put both of her hands on her elbows and then with her right hand, she pointed up to the ceiling. Then she started weeping and screaming, with a happy smile. A lot of people ran over to see what had happened to her. Then she told me, "It was Jesus who spoke to you, because Jesus did not want to wait for his Father to work. Instead, Jesus wanted you to go out and ask for His Father's help and then His Father will send help to you. Then you will be able to do more for your son. Then he will walk again, as though he had never been sick."

As soon as she told me the good news that this was Jesus talking to me, the voices suddenly stopped. I went home and began to do more for my loving son, Tony. I went over to the Christian bookstore and bought of the Holy Mary. I organized myself to go out on the street to do fundraising. And from those funds, I got my son an acupuncture therapist, a chiropractor and a massage therapist and began to do more for my son, Tony. I exercised him in bed and started to give him the real food that comes from Our Lord, and not the food the doctors gave him. My son began to improve quickly. Every night when I finished my work with my son, Tony, then I would be begin to talk to the Holy Mary and ask her, "Please talk to your Son, Jesus. Ask him to watch my son, Tony, so that nothing happens to him while I sleep." I would talk for hours to Mary. Then I'm put the Holy Mary next to my son, Tony and he would hold the Holy Mary and sleep. Then I'm feel good, like Jesus was there and watching Tony. And the next day, Tony get better and improving.

My son, Tony, likes to visit different churches. As soon as we are in church for 5 or 10 minutes, my son suddenly becomes much more alert and insists on standing up. I stand him up and he stands for 30 minutes and relaxes. Then he picks up his head and takes steps with my help. He likes to walk in the services. If in the church says "Jesus" or sings "Jesus" or if the priest or pastor says "Jesus," this makes excites Tony and he tries to walk more aggressively. He pushes and makes a lot of sounds because Jesus makes him so happy. If he is taking good steps, I tell Tony that Jesus is there in the church, watching his good work. Then Tony gets more excited, stands up straight and smiles because he is so happy that Jesus is watching him walk. Then I say that I only move my feet and arms and whole body for Jesus, and that I only walk for Jesus and for nobody else. This makes Tony a lot happier and he walks for Jesus. When the church service is finished and I want to put him back into his chair, he doesn't want to go back into the chair. Then I tell him that the reason church is over is because the priest or pastor or the children opened the door and Jesus left to go to McDonalds to eat a nice, juicy hamburger. The reason Jesus went to eat the hamburger was because he was so happy for Tony's good work (making good steps) and was so happy that Tony only walks for Him that Jesus was dancing and jumping around and got so excited for Tony that he got hungry and had to go eat. So he had to go eat because of how much he loves Tony. Then Tony calms down and goes to his chair and smiles because Jesus loves him so much.

I'm too happy when I visit different churches because I want people to be able to see that God and Jesus are real I can prove it to everyone. Many people, their families and their children, do not believe that God and Jesus are real. Because they ran to the Supreme Court, there are no more prayers in schools. And they want to take "In God We Trust" off of our currency because when they have a problem, they do not seek help from God and Jesus, but instead they go to a bar and drink, or smoke, or use marijuana and other drugs. They do no confide in others why they have a problem. But I can prove that God and Jesus are real, because the voice told me "Go out and ask for help in my Father's name and your son will walk like before, like he was never sick. He will walk again." I learned for myself that God didn't want me to wait for His work. He wanted me to do it. I'm doing this work for God and for His precious Son, Jesus. God wanted me to bathe Tony, dress him up and feed him. I must stand up my loving son, Tony, for God, for Jesus, and for those healing him. Because God and Jesus are there healing Tony, he walks again. I have a lot of videos of my loving son from when he was very ill, even worse than Terri Schiavo in Florida. But now my son takes steps. This is because I'm doing my work for God, and Jesus makes him walk because I believed the voice saying "Go out and ask for help in my Father's name and your son will walk again, like before, like he had never been sick." And now on my web site, you can see my son trying to talk.

Also, three months from now, I must take Tony to Pittsburgh, PA for hyperbaric oxygen treatment. He will need 60 of these treatments, which will cost $19,000. During his treatments, we will have to stay in the Holiday Inn Hotel. The hotel and food will cost $9,000. To help with this, please send money to this church:

Benevolence Fund for Steve and Tony Sakac
Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
4001-17th St., NW
Washington, DC 20011-5302
When you send the donation, please include a note saying that it is for hyperbaric oxygen treatment, hotel and food.

I am also trying to raise funds to help pay for our rent, food, laundry, my son's medical supplies, etc. My son only gets $567.88 from Social Security and I have nothing else. I must raise the rest myself in order to continue with my beloved son, Tony, in the work of Our Lord, for the sake of Jesus' blood. Donations can be sent to this address:

Istvan Sakac
P. O. Box 2594
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Our web site: Email:
Telephone: (703)-577-4626 or (202)-550-0577

We sincerely thank you for your help, in the name of Our Lord, in the name of Jesus, and in the name of the Mother of God. Steve and Tony