The Story


12/19/2005 Dear Sir or Madam:

There Cool and Snow is here Because is Cool and Snow and Rain I'm has a hard time, Because I can not go out with my Son He is Handicap and in Wheelchair. This hard for me too go out to Fundraising too afford too pay our Rent Food and wash Laundry and Etc, Because I'm not Working the reason I'm with my Loving Son 24 - Hours taken care Him. If I'm leaving Bottles at the Stores for Fundraising then the Homeless and the Vinous stealing the Money this is not good, and the reason I am turn Help from you to afford to pay our Rent Food was Laundry and etc. Also I'm have a Car problem the Transmission Fluid is leaking and the Brake is no good, and I turn help from the local Church they respond can not Help and the reason I ask your help if any one weanling to Help repair our Transmission and the Brakes.

Also I like asking if you like come to Visit us my Son Tony is so happy when he Stand Up, and you touch him Praying with him and shake a Hand with him and telling him the Blood of Jesus Healing him and he is Walk again just takes Time. Only the problem no one come and visit us and even from the Churches, there is lot of Churches all in the Church just talk how they love Our Lord and Jesus and what the Jesus did the good thing. And when the Church Service is over they forget Our Lord and Jesus, they not come Visit us Because forget our Lord and Jesus and they never there when Jesus always was there when somebody need Jesus.

Because the Churches never there and the Christen Sisters and Brother then many Start running to the Court to take out the Prayers from Schools and the Publics Places, also they going to Court to take of we trust one God from the money Because somebody has a Problem and Family Problem or Children's has problem with Parents there no one listen them. Then they fed up the God and Jesus Because they calling Jesus, and the Jesus not there Because the Churches not Stand Up for Our Lord and Jesus and the Christen Sisters and Brothers not there like Jesus was there when somebody needed help.

And now here my Son Tony improvement Since 1 - Years and half I Start give for my Son Tony every Day "BIOPLASMA" 8 - Pills, after 3 - Month my Son started much faster improving then 1 - Month and half I Start give for my Son FISH Oil The Total EFA 15 cc. Since begin give for him the Fish Oil then after 3 - week he become much Stronger and got more alert, and just too demanding too Stand Up 10 - Hours daily and just push me and he making a Steps and just Walk and Walk and he like to Stand Up at the Church Because lot of People and this make him so Happy. And he vaunts Stand Up and just push and he making a Steps and Walk in the Church services and if I'm Walk with him 2 - Hours every day then next day he is much better and more alert, now I also 30 - Days ago began to give him Ginkgo biloba 1 - Pills every Day. This help him much faster improvement he got lot more alert and the good News 1 - week and half began have lot of sound and Voices he trying to Talk and trying better communicating and he is Stand much better also he is making much better Steps and he vaunt to Walk long way and more then 2 - Hours.

Since he is got too Strong and he is too demanding to Stand Up too long and Walk I'm need a special Lift Walker and this is cost too much Money about over $5.000.00 Dollars, and I do not have Money to buy the Walker and I'm like to ask if any TV - News or News Papers can Help me to put my Loving Son story in the. News or the Papers to ask if Somebody can donate this Walker also I like People can come Visit us Pray with my Son read the Bible and shake hand, and here the Christmas and I put Up the Christmas Tree and the Light is not work and no Star and the reason my Son is to sad Because no Star and the Christmas Light not work. And at least if like to Help Donation then can send at this Address: ISTVAN SAKAC P. O. Box 2594 Fairfax, Virginia 22031. and our Web: and our Email: and our Home Telephone: (703)-267-2626 and our Cell Telephone: (703)-577-4626

Sincerely Thank You in Our Lord Name and Jesus Name for Your Help and Donation.
Steve and Tony