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Dear President W. George Bush 1/12/200

1. On my Son Antal Video you can see when my Son Tony Walk, also when my Son Antal when he Walk at 15 - years Old. He take me across the United States of America, and he take a messages to Teenagers and Talk to American Family's. He telling the Teenagers Please no Drink no take a Guns to School no use Drugs and no Kill your Baby's and no Hurt your Parents, no Stay out late and no make Bullies each others instead Stay in School and be somebody.

2, See on the Channel TV - 2 at the Christmas Eve vhen I'm begun Work with, him with all 3 - Therapist and take away all 15 - different drugs and Start Feeding him the Food what Our Lord give us the Real Food not what the Dr. pristcribed this made him fast improvement he wanted at Christmas Eve Stand Up, and also you can read his Mouth he's Talk in the Hoyole Lift he said Up and Up.

3, Here you see how he demanding to Stand Up also vhen I'm took him Home from the Hospital, I had a hard time found a Dr. Work with me and with my Son Antal. Because always treat him his Brain is Gone also I had hard time go out with my Son Antal and go In. The reason because we had 8 - Steps no Wheelchair Ramp Because do no vaunt to Make, the reason Because treat him he's dying then I'm like to go out I go ask Help from the Neighbors they not waunt to Help to take out my Son Antal. Then I'm go to the street and ask American People to Help me to take out my Son Antal they no Help then ask Police they no Help, Police told call the Fire Mans the fire mans told call the ambulance. When I'm see nobody want to Help go Out the Cable Cars Stop front of our home there lot of Foreign People, then I'm go to the Cable Car and ask 4 - tourist always to Help me go out with my Son Tony and In also after one years and half I'm meet a Hungarian Tourist from Budapest 6 - People Family's and they see and they got angry they saying Tony is not dying and he is Humane Being and they Call the News Paper and the TV - News then made a wheelchair ramp.

4, You see here in Kingston NY here he got more improvement, much Better also you can se his Plastics Leg Braces was no Good Because Loosen and Broken the Shoes was no good.

5, Here you see in the Russian Orthodox Church in Chicago my Son Tony he vaunt to Stand, also since made this last Video my Son Antal is at least 7 - time more alert and much Better also since he take this Pill's he just changes much Faster. More alert responding he understand everything and trying to Talk, also vhen I'm finish the Spunch Bath and Dressed Up and put him in the Chair then he trying to Stand without the Leg Braces 20 - minutes. Because he is to alert and much Better and very Strong I'm vary his Left Knee, the reason since I'm discovered there was his knee was Dislocate and there he has Extra Bone. If I'm can able to found somebody Clean out the Extra Bon from the Knee, then he can able to Stand much better and may be no need a Braces. Also I'm discovered his Left Feet is little Short if I'm can able to found a Physical Therapist and Spend with Tony. Then correct his Shoes then my Son Tony be able to make much Better Steps, now Dear President W. George Bush I'm ask you and Mrs.Bush look all my 10 - Videos Because I discovered dosed mater how bad the Paisent if they get my way very good Therapy then all recover like my Son Tony. Also especially I'm liked if Mrs. Bush get altogether with Matuska Maria Potapov and the Father at the St. George Greek Orthodox Church at MD, and the Orthodox Church in Falls Church Va Father and put altogether my son Story the reason Because my mission I'm like to telling the American People Stop Killing your Children and not abusing then and give them Loving care, also I like the Teenagers no stay out late no use Drugs no Drink no Smoke no make Bullies each others and no kill your Children's and> no live then in the trash Can or Trash Back.
Sincerely Steven and Tony.

Letter explaining the story from the begining.

To: President George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush
White House Washington, DC.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2004 - New Year, to President George W. Bush
and Family. Now Dear President George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush I Mr. Istvan Sakac I'm turn Help from you and from the White House, First Dear President George W. Bush. I explain why I'm turn Help from you and from the White House. I have a Son his name is Antal he is now 29 - Years old, My Son Antal he suddenly got Sick at his 16 TH Birthday in San Francisco California, and the Dr. give Up my son Antal Declare him Brain Dead and Vegetable his gone and within one week he Die and just given Up on him. And now I'm explain how my son got Sick my son Antal he vent with the School one week to Field Trip and they Sleep outside in tent, when my son Antal came Home from the School. My son Beacon complaining 1, Sore trot, 2, Headache pain, 3, Ear pain, 4, very tier, 5, very sleepy, 6, very desenees, and Stop eat. Then I take him to his Dr. And his Dr. look at him only 5 - minute and she telling me, my son he has only small Flue and nothing else and send us Home. Then after 3 - Day my son condition was worsen then at this time I take him to the San Francisco General Hospital, we wait 5 - ours at the wathing room before they call us in. Here the Dr. only look my son Antal only 5 - minute and telling me my son only has a bad Flue and nothing else and send us Home, then after 3 - Day my son condition got worsen start Walk like drunk to.

Then I'm take him to the U. C. S. F. Hospital, here we was in the vaithing room 5 - ours then call us in. And the Dr. here look my son only 5 - minute then right of way telling me my son Antal only has a bad Flue and nothing else, then I telling to Dr. I'm not Believing my son has a Bad Flue there something else going on. Because my son is not getting better only worsen if somebodyhas a Flue now 10 - Day's my son was not better he got worsen, and
you the 3 - RD Dr. and only look 5 - minute and right of way you telling me he has a bad Flue and nothing else. And I'm telling the Dr. I not believing this is Flue there something else, maybe some Infection Please dear Dr. admit my son Antal in Hospital and I'm like to doing some test watt is going on Because this is not Flue. Then the Dr. got angry and he said I'm not Dr. only I'm the Parent he is the Dr. and my son Antal he only has a Bad Flue and not Infection he no need a test, then the Dr. calling a 4 - Black Police man and they trove us out from the Hospital and we go Home. Then on the November, 10, 1990 in the Morning my Son Antal 8:00 AM he has a very big Epilepsy Seizure he never had on his life then I call the Ambulance and take him in the Hospital, we arrive to Hospital and the Dr. can not able to Stop the Seizure 4 - day's even they put in for purpose to Coma the reason so he not have any Brain Damage.
Then after 4 - day Stop the Seizure then after 4 - week come 2 - Dr. with the Attorney and trying to telling me we sorry Because your son Antal is Brain Dead and Vegetable only has a one week to Live and he Die, and they give me time to good buy to my son and they shove me a Paper and ask my Signature as soon my son Antal Die to allow to donate his Body to save Life. Then I'm said to Dr. you now vaunt my son Body if your Hospital not throwing us out from the Emergency room with the Police you listen me then my son Antal not get Sick like this. Because you Hospital trove us Out from the Emergency Room the reason my son got Sick like this and I'm no more trust the Dr. and I'm not sinning the paper I not give his Body also I'm not believing all of you my son very Sick or Dying I believing our Lord and Jesus my son is not very sick and nobody else. Then the Dr. with the Attorney just left and never Come Back, now dear President George W. Bush my son Antal this way got Sick if they listen me at the Emergency Room and not throwing us out with the Police then my son not get Sick like This I blame our Health Care system is no good.
And I stay with my son in the Hospital never left at his Bed side then on Marz, 01, 1991 the Dr. telling me they sending my son to the Rehab and nice Hospital, we arrive here there was no Rehab the Dr. lie there was the Nursing Home the worst very thirty smell and is bad and I'm telling the Nursing Home. The Dr. I not leave here my son Antal he Die here and the Dr. said yes better if I'm take him home much better then he send back my son Antal to the Hospital, in the Hospital the Dr. put in my son Antal NG - Feeding Tube at his stomach because easy to taken care at Home. Then on Marz, 18, 1991 I'm take Home my son Antal and I'm had hard time to found a Dr. to work with me and my son 1 - Year and Half, also when I took Home my son from the Hospital my son Left Feet was Paralyzed he can not even able to bent his Feet Because in the Hospital throwing him like Trash bag and they did something with his Feet. Then one Physical Therapist begun to come over se My Son Antal and She work with my son only 25 - minute and the Medi - Cal Paid $175.00 and the Therapist come one time a week, and she come 3 - RD time and I'm se she is not doing a right Therapy just vast the Tax Payers money then I trove out the therapist and I'm se there no go nowhere. Because the Health Care just abandon my son Antal. Then I'm Beacon to work with my son.

First the Dr. not allow to Feeding my son anything just Jevity or ensure 8 - can a day, then I not listen the Dr. I'm Beacon to give a Food vat Our lord give us the Real Food I Beacon to Blend Up the food on the April, 15, 1992 and slow take away the Ensure and the Jevity then my son Antal Beacon to Improving better also my son started out he having Brobleb the Breathing. And I must go with him to Hospital to get Oxygen also the Dr. wanted my son to Hook Up to the Breathing ventilator and I'm not let them to hook my son to the beathing ventilator Instead I got a Acupuncture Therapist, and she spend time with my son Antal 8 - ours then she told me the reason my son can not able to breathing good Because he was on at least 15 - different medications. The Acupuncture Therapist said I'm must take away slow the medications and he need 2 - time a week Acupuncture Therapy, then I'm begun organizing Fundraising go with my son to the Street corner and raising Money for Acupuncture and also I hired a Body Work Massage Therapist And Chiropractic Therapist. And all of this Therapy the Medi - Cal and Insurance not Pay all this I'm must Pay, and the reason I'm vent to Street corner raise a found and when I'm Beacon go with my son Antal to Street corner raise Money to the all 3 - Therapy. My son Antal he was totally Paralyzed he can not even able to move he just gone and Because in the Street to much noises screaming Ambulances Fire Trucks, all this Stimulation Help the brain and my son Antal Beacon faster Improving then on Christmas Eve December, 24, 1992 he trying to get Up from his Chair.

And Because he was very week I'm had hard time to Stand him Up then in the Street asking some People to Help me to Stand Up my son Antal only 10 - minutes and the People refused to Help me Because ask $50.00 and I no have this much Money to give them to Help me to Stand Up my Son Antal, then I call the Local Christen Churches and ask them Volunteers to Help me to Stand Up my son and all this Churches refused to Help me their respond any way your son is gone Better put him away his gone and go to Work. And I see this Churches not for Jesus and for Our Lord just using Our Lord and Jesus name and this Churches never there like Jesus was, then on May, 01, 1993 I'm made a very Big Singh and asking if somebody can Donate a Big Tilt Table for my Son Antal the reason to I can Stand Up my Son Antal. Then on May, 20, 1993 one Family Donated a Tilt Table for my son Antal then I'm Beacon work with My son On the Tilt Table, I wake Up 9:00 AM take a Spanch Bath my Son Antal then 12:00 Noon we go out to Raise Money for all 3 - therapy. We come Home at 6:30 PM and give Eat for my son Antal then 9:00 PM I Put my son Antal on the Top of the Table and Strap Dawn my son and Stand him Up till 12:00 Midnight, then take of my son from the Table and take him in his Room and in the Bed I Exercise my Son Antal from 12:30 AM till 3:00 AM and Put him to Sleep Because I doing this Work with my Son. My son Antal Beacon much faster Inpruvig and Better then. On July, 11, 1994 all this Changed the Tilt Table Help my son lot, he Beacon to Stand Up without the Tilt Table also no lounger needed him to Cary him with the Hoyole Lift also First time able to put him in the Car since his Illness. Then I Stand him Up buy my self with the Crutches then after 30 - Day's he has the Problem his Left feet Knee was swollen falling dawn Because I'm Discovered there was his Left Knee is Dislocate then I'm Discovered the Reason his Left Feet was Paralyzed when I'm take him Home From the Hospital. Then I'm Becain go to at Least 30 - Hospital and ask if give for My Son a Left Feet Leg Braces and the Dr. respond your Son His Brain is no good and his gone just not Stand him Up, and I'm telling the Dr. my son Brain is not gone he is demanding to Stand Up and I must Stand Him Up. Now President W.George Bush when I'm se there nobody listen you even the Social Services Because all Believing to the Dr., Because no Help from no one I'm Love my Son Antal very Much Because I'm raised Him Up Since 2 - weeks Old Baby wit his 2 - Brothers and I not vaunt to Hurt no one Because I'm no vaunt to go to Jail.

Instead I'm make a Flyers and ask People Donation for Gas Food Hotel and on May, 07, 1995 put my son in the car and Becain go across the United State of America the reason to can able to Found somebody to listen me. And we arrive to Fairfax Virginia area and DC area on July, 01, 1995 and the good News I'm managed to Found here one Orthopedics Dr. and he said Yes my Son Antal he need a Left Feet Leg Braces. Then I got a Prescription for Leg Braces then I'm 6 - week running around in the Fairfax and DC area Church to Church and ask them to Pay his Leg Braces Because no agency vaunt to Pay and the Easter Sell and the Medicaid Because He is Brain Dead and Vegetable and the Neurology Dr. said he no need the Braces just not Stand Him Up and the reason the System no pay anything just Drugs and nothing else. Then President George W. Bush the Churches refused to Help to Buy for my son Antal the Leg Braces instead telling me go to Soup Kitchen and the Shelter, I'm telling them I'm not come here to Soup Kitchen and the Shelter I come Here somebody Help buy for my son Antal the Leg Braces Because my son vaunt to Stand Up.

Because I'm Catholic then at least I try in Arlington the Catholic Charity and ask them to Buy for my son the Leg Braces and their respond anyway your son is gone he no need nothing put him away and go to Work, then I'm go to the Vatican Embassy at the Washington DC and ask there to Help to Buy the Braces and the Catholic Father said your son gone Put him away and go to Work and Closed front of my Face the Door. Then I'm meat one nice Black lady and I explain to her everything then she ask me which Country I came From I respond I'm came From Yugoslavia Hungarian From Yugoslavia, then she take me in the DC at the Serbian Orthodox Church and I'm explain the Father everything about my son Antal. Then the Father said Our Church is to Small I have very good Russian Best Friend he is the Priest Father Victor, then the Serbian Father take me over To The Russian Orthodox Church Of the St. John the Baptist in Washington DC here the Father let me meet the Russian Father and he explain everything about me and the My Son Antal. Then the Father telling me his Name is Father Victor Potapov and he give me a Hugh and for my son and the Father Victor said he is very Happy Because I'm a very good Father love my son just not give him Up we taken care you Because we Love the Hungarian and Serbian People and they Buy for my son Antal the Leg Braces also he Buptiyset us Become same Time Orthodox.

On December, 23, 1995 we arrive Home to San Francisco from Washington DC and I Open our Door and I'm se our Home Broken in got Robed everything is Stolen just left the Furniture and the mess. Then I'm turn Help from the Local TV and the Paper and explain everything got Stolen at the Christmas Time, and the TV and the News Papers no vaunt to Help Because they Respond not Interested Story. I dint Care only I'm Happy for my son Antal has a Leg Braces, and I working with my son he is Improving much Better I like to doing more for him and Still I have a Problem with Dr. they not believing my son is improved just treat his Brain gone. Then I'm got more angry Because there no body listen you or stand Up for you then I make New Flyers and on July, 15, 1997 I'm take my son Antal to Mexico City DF, the reason to can able to found a Dr. to se him and in Angeles Hospital I'm can able to found a group Dr. and they spend with my son Antal Free for 3 - week. Then one Neurology Dr. said to me bring my son to his Office and he spend time with my son 8 - ours and said everything is there, his Understanding Responding and his Awareness and surrounding also he is very Strong only we no nothing what is made him sick. He said he can Help him and this Dr. has a Flash light Battery D - Battery and soother on a Red and White wire and put electric on his Body only 15 - minute treatment and after treatment I'm must Cover his Hand and the Feet wit Socks and Hole Body Clothes for 4 - ours so he can not able touch any steel and coin the reason Because, if he touch then the Electric's despair from his Body then the Treatment no work and he only had a 7 - treatment and all this treatment change my son Life. Because when I'm go to Mexico City DF my Son barley move his Right side of his Body Legs and Arms, only he can move his body Legs and Arms at Left side and after 7 - treatment his Life changed he can move the Right side of his Body like Left side Legs and Arms and he just to Demanding to Stand and try to move to Walk. Then we got back Home from the Mexico City DF to California San Francisco then my son getting much much better and more alert and I'm like to doing more work for my Son Antal, and still the Dr. not vaunt to spent time with him only 15 - minutes then telling me they do not believing in me my Son Antal is improved.

Then I'm telling the Dr. the 15 - minute he can not able to telling no one the person is gone you must spend time with my Son and with me only one 24 - ours and stay there just watch me and my Son Antal vat we doing then he can se the truth My Son Antal is not gone yes he is Improved then you can doing more with my Son Antal, then the Dr. respond this I am do not have lot of Money to Spend time with your Son also the Dr. said the Dr. any no have time to Spent time with any Patient only 15 - minute also you no have enough Money to Spend time with your Son, then he send me to the Neurology Dr. and each time when I'm go to the Neurology Dr. they not listen me First ask me my Son Antal Discharge Summery then look for 5 - minutes then trying to telling me I'm read English then I must read my son is gone, then I telling the Neurology you not telling me he is gone Because I with my son 24 - ours not you and I'm what se he is not gone and what dear Dr. vaunt to telling me Please go and telling for my Son Antal face Dear young man I do not Believing anything your Father you gone and Vegetable and Brain Dead then the Dr. just walk away. And the reason I have hard time Because when somebody the Dr. given Up or miss diagnose they just walk away and only I the Parent we doing our own way our own method and treatment which the Medical Dr. not regiknize the reason the Insurance no Pay only Drugs and why I'm give the drugs for him when the drugs not work, then I'm se there no one listen me so I am can doing more for my son then I'm got more angry with our Health Care is no good only Money and nothing else.

Because I'm love my Son very much I again Put him in the Car on the October, 20, 1998 and go across United State of America the reason because I like to doing more with my Son Tony Because He is not gone and not Vegetable and not Brain Dead. Then we arrive to the Ohio Cleveland in November, 01, 1998 and I go in the Hungarian Catholics Church in Cleveland Ohio the Father read my Son Story to the People, then next day the Father calling me there he has one Family like to Help me they vaunt I take my Son Antal over the their Dodder Dr. Because their Dodder now she is 20 - years old and she getting sick and sick and she going to Dr. to Dr. and all telling to Her deferent story and she do not Believed to the Dr. Because She can not able to Walk any more she end Up in the Wheelchair, and she still not rested she vent the 30 - deferent Dr. then this Dr. take lot of Blood test and send to 4 - deferent State to the Laboratories and the result came back she got sick from the Lime Thick and the Dr. begun to treat her for the Lime Thick and now their Dodder improving much Better and Beacon to walk again then the reason they take over their Dodder Dr. to se my Son Antal and they Paid $1000.00 Dollar to the Dr. to se my Son Antal. And this Dr. spend time with my Son Antal also he took lot of Blood test and send 5 - deferent State and the result came back my Son Antal he got sick from the Lime Thick at the 1990 and Because just given Up the boy there no one treating with Lime Thick Illness he has lot of Infection at his Brain and this take long time to Healing the Brain because the Brain healing to Slow, then the Dr. Becain to treat my Son with the Lime Thick Illness and now My son Antal Becain much faster improving and now my Son Antal has a Problem with his Leg Braces falling the peace's Because Plastics and in Ohio can not able to found any Orthopedics to repair my Son Antal Braces Because the Neurology Dr. said my Son no need a Braces just not stand him Up then I se no one Help repair the Leg Braces, then I'm put in my son in the car in Cleveland Ohio on December, 24, 1999 and again arrive to Fairfax and DC area the reason can able to Found somebody repair the Leg Braces and vent over the same Orthopedics Office veer was in 1995 the Orthopedics Dr. said my Son Antal is need New Leg Braces and the Both Feet and he give a Prescription for the Braces and in DC I found a Rehab at the NRH Washington Hospital ver make the Braces and the Russian Church again Paid for the 2 - Leg Braces $5000.00 on February, 20, 2000. And since I obtain the Leg Braces and I'm go out with my Son Antal in Do punt Circle I Stand Up my Son Antal veer the lot of People Because this Help for the Brain Because there lot of noises People walking screaming the Ambulances and Fire trucks make noises. And all this Healing the Brain since I'm has this New Braces my Son Antal is much Better only one Problem my Son Antal more Better and Stronger and he is Demanding to Stand Up lounger and make a Steps Because he is to demanding to Walk, Because the Braces a Plastics after 12 - Month started to Brake and if my Son Antal Stand Up lounger how long he vaunt to Stand Up then his Feet swollen and make a bruises. And I'm Becain to complain at the NRH Hospital this Braces is no good and Broken must repair, Because I'm complain to much then on May, 20, 2001 the Neurology Dr. Called the Police and trove us out from the Rehab the reason Because he's Claming My Son Antal is Gone and he no need Braces. Because I'm have Hard time to proof my Son Antal yes he is Improved and he is to Demanding to Stand and Walk.

Then on December, 15. 2002 I'm vent to Kingston New York The reason to see there somebody in the TV - News Help my son Story and they refused to see us. Then on December, 25, 2002 vent over the Greek Orthodox Church to visit and here in the Church one nice Lady ask me if she can spend with my son Antal, I said is O.K. and she spend time with him 4 - ours in the Church and after the Church she come over to the Hotel and she said she is a Nurse to. Then she give for me a half of Bottle of Pill's and she said to me my son Antal he had a Brain injury his Body missing many Chemicals, and I'm must give those Pill's for my son Antal every 6 - ours 8 - Pill's and those Pill's help for my son Antal the body Healing him self faster also those pill's make more Blood flow to the Brain and get Better Oxygen and he is improving much faster. Because my son Leg Braces was no good plastics and falling the pieces and I can not able to obtain a Prescription in DC and MD and Virginia, then on March, 20, 2003 I'm took my son Antal to the East Orange New Jersey and there I found one Rehab and they give me a Prescription for New Leg Braces and for New Orthopedics Shoes and for New Wheelchair, then we came Home to Fairfax and trying to found a Rehab to make for my son Antal a Braces Shoes and Wheelchair and I'm running around 4 - week in Virginia and DC and MD and I'm can not able to found any Rehab to make everything for my Son Antal.

The reason because each time we must see the Neurology Dr. the Dr. do not vaunt to spend with my son Antal instead he look the Discharge Summery when released my son Antal from the Hospital in 1991 he look the summery for 5 - minutes, then the Neurology telling me he not believing in me my son is improved he is gone and Vegetable he no need anything just not Stand him Up and the Neurology Dr. walk a way and the reason I'm can not able to found somebody make everything for my son Antal. Then I put my son Antal to Car and I'm Start go to town to town to can able to found a Orthopedics to make a Braces and the Shoes and the Wheelchair, on May, 7, 2003 we Start our Trip and on Waynesboro Virginia I can able to found one Orthopedics Dr. and I'm told him vat count Braces and Shoes needs and the Orthopedics Dr. made the Braces without the Neurology and Without the Therapist everything. And we continuing our trip and I'm can able to found a Medical Supply in Amherst Ohio and they made my way a New Wheelchair for my son Antal and all this the St. George Greek Orthodox Church from Bethesda, MD Paid $13.000.00, the reason Because his Braces was Broken Plastics no good falling a pieces all this. The George Cominos made arrangement to get everything for my son Antal and I'm ask you President W. George Bush call the George Cominos, and ask him about my son Antal my son Improvement each time go their Church my Son Antal more alert and Stand the intiyer service 3 - to 4 - ours and now he Beacon make a Steps

And now Dear President W. George Bush since I'm obtain this new Leg Braces and Shoes my son Antal he can Stand Up 5 - to 7 - ours daily and his Feet is not swollen and don't have a bruises and no Bleeding and the Chair is O.K. this Help him a lot he is lot more alert respond understand everything also he trying to Talk also I discovered he is Understand a Singh Language, and also since I'm began to give those Pills for my son Antal now 9 - month he is made a very big Progress he is more and more alert and to demanding to Stand lounger and to demanding to walk also since he's taking this Pill's he even dond have any Seizure also he in the Morning he trying to Talk more have more sounds and voices if I can able to doing more for my son Antal then he Walk soon. And now Dear President W. George Bush I asking your Help and this Help Because the TV - News and the Newspaper not interesting to Help Because telling me this is not interested Story, I'm looking a Volunteers and a Singh Language therapist the reason I'm Stand Up my son Antal from 10:00 PM till 3:00 AM then I put him in the bed then I'm need a volunteers from 3:00 AM till 5:00 AM to Help me to role my son Antal and Stimulation and Help me Sit him Up and Laying him Dawn for 2 - ours every day for 3 - to 6 - month, the reason if I'm doing all this then my son Antal he can able to Stand Up and Sit Up his Own and maybe he can able to Walk his own. Also I looking for 3 - time a week for 2 - ours a Sing Laguagee therapist the reason Because my son Antal he vaunt to Communicate more and the Therapist help him a lot also the Therapist teach me to so I'm can able to Communicate better with my son Antal, the reason asking Help from you President W. George Bush because the Social Services refuse to help me they calling me they not Therapist I must take my son to the out Peasant Therapy. I'm trying to explain everything to the Social Services my son Antal is not Qualify any Physical Therapy Because my Son Antal still Clinically he is Brain Dead in the Paper and the Neurology Dr. not approve the Therapy, and I can not able to found any Dr. to Change his Diagnose Because they afraid they lose the Lincese Because miss diagnose my son Antal. And only he Qualify a Out Patient Therapy if he Can Stand Up buy him self if He can sit Dawn buy himself and he can Sit Up buy him self and He can Laying Dawn buy him self and He can able to Role buy him self then he Qualify Therapy otherwise not Qualify Because still I'm must help him and the reason I'm have hard time wit the systems.

I'm Love my Son Antal very much Because I'm raised him Up buy my self with his 2 - Brothers, my son Antal was 2 - weeks old Baby his mother ran away with different man then after 1 - Month she stole all 3 - Boys and no one know veer she with the Children's. Then after 6 - month from Detroit Michigan the Police calling me I must immediately go Pick Up my 3 - Boy Because their mother abused them, and I pick Up all my 3 - sons and my son Antal Left Feet is burn with Drano Because his Mother poor Drano at his Feet and the Antal Feet had a very big wound and take me 1 - year to Healing his Feet, then when Antal is 5 and Half Years Old his Mother is Divorced and Stole all 3 - Boys and I got them Back and the Judge order Visiting Right and Each time all 3 - boys visiting his Mother the Antal he not liked there then his mother told the Court he is Sick then the Judge give Antal for temporally to his Mom. And I'm send the 2 - Boys Visiting their Mother 3 - time and She never send Antal Visit, Because She no send Visit Antal I'm was vary and Stop send the 2 - Boys until I not found out what is going on there then my Attorney call Her Attorney. Then she send Antal dawn and when I'm Pick Up my Son Antal in the Airport he can not able to Talk just screaming no mama no LA and just grabbed my Neck.

then I'm immediately go in the Hospital to Emergency Room and there the Dr. Spend with my son for 7 - ours then 5 - Dr. said this Boy Antal he can not able to Visit his Mother Because his Mother Abused him and his Feet Burned with the Electric's Cord and this way I got Back my son Antal, and take me 2 - years to put Back his life to normal and now I'm save my son Antal Life a 3 - time I'm Love my Son Antal very Much. Also we vent to Chicago Illinois on October, 1, 2003 the reason to can able to found somebody make one New Video now How much my son Improved and yes he vaunt to Stand and walk, and on October, 15, 2003 I found a Group of Police and Help me made one Video and Edited all Video and they said I'm can not able to give their name Because loose their Jobs and I'm said is O.K. and we arrive Home in November, 20, 2003. Now Dear President W. George Bush here I'm send you this 2 - Icons Because this always watch over you and your Family and make you a Strong President, also I'm send this Pill's and ask you in my Heart Please give to the Nancy Reagan so She can give to her Husband Ronald Reagan Because he has a Altiymers and this Pill's Help for the President Reagan Because his Brain missing many Chemicals and the Pill's Help a lot. Because this Pill's is doing a very good work since my son take this Pill's my son Antal is did a very big Progress also since made in the Chicago on October, 15, 2003 the Video my son now about 7 - time more Better and more alert. Also Dear President W. George Bush send this Holly Oil and the Small Icons Please give to the Nancy Reagan and telling Her to every Night anoint with this Holy Oil the President Reagan and Put this Icons next to President Reagan, Because this make more Stronger the Nancy Reagan and the Icons will watch the President Reagan Because This Icons keep me going and my son Walk again, and now Dear

President W. George Bush here the Video you can see My son Antal he Almost Die and How much he is Improved He just vaunt to Stand 6 - to 7 - ours and this Healing when he Stand if you watch him and vat you telling him he Does vat you telling him then you can see nothing wrong with his Brain just take time to Healing the Brain. You can not able to see the Improvement every day only every 7 - TH Day you see the Improvement if I'm Stand him Up 7 - ours Daily then you see the Bigger Improvement Because the Brain Healing very slow, also I am so Happy Because your Brother the Governor Jef Bush in Miami Florida Intervene to Save this Lady Life Reinstated the Feeding Tube to Save Her life. My son Antal was worst then this Lady the reason my son is now he able to Stand Because I'm Took Home my son Antal and put in lot of Therapy 6 - ours every day always Night Because this is the Best time work with the Brain, and the reason this Lady is Bad Because there she no got any Therapy only every other Day and the Therapist only give a 20 - minute Therapy which is not Therapy I have 10 - Video and I'm can Proved dosed mater how Bad the Patient if you doing the Right Therapy then the Patient is Recover.

And Dear President W. George Bush here in Washington DC a Hungarian Man you call him and ask him how was my son Antal when he was met us and how much my son Antal is Improved, and since I'm give this Pill's how big Improvement made my son Antal, and here his Name is Louis S. Segesvary and his E - mail: Lsegesvary@cox.net. Also here The Russian Orthodox Church the Father Victor and his Wife Maria Matuska Potapov you can ask them how was my Son Antal when First Time meat us in 1995 and how much my Son Antal is Improved and here the Telephone for Father Victor and Matuska (301)-565-0848 also I'm ask you President W. George Bush if you can send a Thank you letter to the Father Victor and Matuska Potapov Because they deserve one the reason because if they not Stand Up for my Son Antal then he Dead buy now Because the Father Victor and Matuska Stand Up for my son the reason my son Antal Walk Again, and here Our Address is Istvan Sakac 9865 Lee Hwy Fairfax Virginia 22030 Room # 106 and our E - mail: istvan262000@yahoo.com and the Web page: home.earthlink.net/~steveandtony and at least Dear President W. George Bush I'm like to ask you if can able to found somebody to Donate a good Computer with Disc and DVD and CD Because vat I have is to old, and also I am sorry to many Pages the reason Because I'm only have a Schooling only 3 - Grate and nothing else and again I thank you to Help us and I'm sorry to Bother you because I am Love my son Antal very Much and he walk again.
Sincerely Steven and my son Tony.

Letter with the icons send to the President.

Dear President W. George Bush,
This is are the precious ICONS for you and your Family, this ICONS make you a strong President and watch your Family. Because this ICONS make me very Strong and keep me going and doing a Loving Care of my Son Antal, also when my Son Antal go to Bed I put at least 10 - different ICONS small next to my Son Antal and Sleep with the Icons and ask the Icons to Pray for my Son Antal and watch him when I rest. Also specially ask the Icons to talk to Our Lord and Jesus to watch my Son Antal nothing happen to him and my Son Antal is Better next day and very Strong, also this Icons keep me company and make me very Happy Because My Son Antal Walk again. From Steven and Tony.

Letter and pictures of the new chair and braces.

Dear President W. George Bush Here you see this is the New Leg Braces and no Plastics, and this braces made without the Therapist and this is not falling to pieces. Also my Son Antal can Stand Up how lounger he want and the braces not make a bruises and not bleeding and not swollen, also here this new wheelchair The John made how I'm vaunt and when we put in the Chair My Son Antal He was so Happy and telling the John he liked the Chair. Steve and Tony

Letter with the icons for President Reagan.

Dear President W.George Bush I ask you Please give this Small ICONS to Nancy Reagan, and telling Her when the Her Husband Ronald Reagan Sleep. Then She put all over next to Her Husband Because this Icons watch Ronald Reagan. Like I'm doing for my Son Antal and this make me a very Strong and This Icons make Strong Nancy Reagan, also send this Holly Oil the reason Nancy Reagan every night put on to Her Husband Ronald Reagan. Because I doing for my son and Our Lord healing my son and Walk again, also I'm send this Pill's the reason Because Ronald Reagan has a Altiymers and many Chemicals missing from his Body. And Nancy Reagan give to her Husband every 5 to 6 ours, and first time to Start give this Pill's for 3 days give 2 under the Than every 5 to 6 ours. Then after 3 days start give 3 pill's then after 3 days 4 pill's then after 3 days 5 pill's and always stay 5 pill's, Because this Pill's Help for Ronald Reagan This Pill's Helps my Son Antal from this Pill's my Son Antal made a very big progress this is doing a very good work. And if gone this Pill's if Nancy Reagan can not able to found there then send me E - mail and I'm send her more also she can take to, this is not prescription this only have at the Health Food Store and no side affect and is Doing a Excellent Work can not believed. Sincerely Steven and Tony.