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=>Tony's youth, and news broadcast from California. Tony standing up at the church service.*

=>Ohio Summer 2006. Blessing of the wheel chair for Tony, donated by the Springer family.*

=>Ohio 2006. Tony standing up and responding to Steve's request. Tony making efforts to speak.*

=>October 2007. A policeman's testimonial at TODOS market. Tony moves for Jesus. *

=>February 2009. Amazing video of Steve and Tony in their motel room.*

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March 1995.Letter testimony from the Medical Center at UCSF, about Tony's medical condition and outstanding progress made, due to the care and dedication given by his father Steve Sakac.
May 1995. Letter from the Life Center.
May 15, 2006.Letter testimony from the Virginia Doctor who treats Tony.
Testimonial from Fr. Anderson of St. Michael's Orthodox. Wilmington,DE.
Testimonial from Reverend Thomas Kazick. Serbian Orthodox Metropolitanate.

Written by Mark Peterson - Fairfax, VA, January 2001 It was an extremely cold day during the winter of 1999. I was driving down route 50 in Fairfax, VA and noticed a man with a sign standing next to somebody in a wheelchair. At first, I passed them by. After getting to the next traffic light, something inside me told me to turn around. I had to see who would brave this weather and what did they want. Since that day, I've gotten to know both Steve and Tony. I must say that Steve is a remarkable man who loves his son dearly and won't give up. It makes me realize that most of us are very lucky and take for granted the love others have for us. During the time I've known Tony, he has made progress. When he stands up, he tries so hard to take steps. But these changes are very gradual. I give where I can, but ask others to help as well. Please find it in your heart to give and make both Steve and Tony's life better.

Written by Louis Segesvary, Washington, D.C., February 2001 It was on a bright, beautiful Sunday afternoon over a year ago that I first met Steve and Tony when they came to the monthly worship service of the Hungarian Reformed Church at the Chapel of the Wesley Theological Seminary in Northwest Washington. They were shyly tucked away in the corner of the lobby during the coffee hour held after services were completed, but it was hard to miss the sight of a devoted father tending to his son confined in a wheel chair. As I wandered over to introduce myself and extend a welcome, I saw the sign next to the wheelchair that explained it all. Until then, I had never realized that Lyme disease could have such a devastating effect on a person, and a young man like Tony at that. I should have been saddened at that point, and I was. But then I caught a glimpse of Steve's shining and cheerful face. There was no pity for his son, much less pity for himself in his eyes. Maybe there didn't need to be any in mine either. After we talked for a while, I sensed an amazing purpose and resolution in Steve to care for his son that had carried them through a tortuous journey that would have undone the average person. It reminded me of the words of Reverend Earl Palmer of First Presbyterian Church in Berkeley, California, who once described love "not as some gooey sentiment but a tough decision we make in favor of someone else." There was this kind of love being demonstrated to me in spades on this one special Sunday morning, and it was something wonderful to witness. After I had written out a check to the Benevolence Fund helping Steve and Tony, I departed thinking I would never see them again. Steve had said something about being from California and returning there. Then in the fall of last year, I had reason to stop by the lobby of a budget motel in Fairfax where I used to stay when temporarily returning to the U.S. during my assignments abroad as a Foreign Service Officer. While waiting to talk to the clerk at the reception desk, my eyes caught the sight of an envelope in the outgoing mailbox. The sender's name was Steven Sakac. I was floored. Could this be the same man I met at the Hungarian Reformed Church? What was he doing here? When the clerk arrived, he assured me that this was indeed the man with the son in the wheel chair. I went to his room, and we met once again joyfully. He was still in the area because of his search for new medical treatments for his son. I was able to help them and will continue doing so. I see this second meeting with Steve and Tony not as an accident but as the Lord's way of giving me another opportunity to serve a fellow member of His body. If you could meet Steve and Tony and see the quality of love that this devoted father holds for his afflicted son, I am sure you would be moved in the same way. I hope that you will find it in your heart to join those of us helping them.

Letter from the Father of Saint John Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Written by Juan Martinez,December 2003.One good day of July 2002, I stopped at the Trader Joe's store located at the Fair City Mall shopping center in Fairfax, Va and when I came out with the groceries, I found a FLYER under the windshield wiper of my car. I thought that it was some sort of advertisement promotion and if I have had a waste basket nearby I would have put it inside. When I saw that was not an advertisement, I took it inside the car and I started reading it. The humble and direct language written on this paper, just got to my heart. I took it home and a few days later, wanting to check the story out and to know more about it, I stopped by the Anchorage Motel, which is located not far from where I lived. I met Steve and I saw Tony. He explained to me about the troubles that he was having with the car and how vital it is for him, so he can drive his son to church, the doctor and to do fund raising. I could not help him with the more than $1000 the mechanic was asking, but I gave to him a small donation and some recommendations about a mechanical shop I knew nearby. A few weeks later, Steve found a good mechanic soul, who fixed his car for free. Since then I have been in contact with Steve and visited them several times. I type his fund raising flyers and help a bid in other matters. Steve is one of these steadfast souls which do not deviate from a goal. And for him the goal is the well being and medical progress of his son Tony. I am certain that Tony would be vegetal like by now -as the doctors said at the beginning- if it were not for the constant care and stimuli provided by Steve. The improvement he had since the onset of his sickness, is remarkable and possibly with more time he will be able to improve more in his motor and cognitive functions. I would encourage to any reader interested, to get in touch with Steve and lend a hand to him in any possible way, it does not need to be money, perhaps the offering of a needed supply, service or item that he may lack, will be of great assistance in his task.

Visit the Spanish section to see the front page of the paper La Nacion USA,
where on August 16, there was an article about Steve and Tony's story.

Letter testimonial from Father Anderson of Saint Michael Archangel Orthodox church in Wilmington, DE.