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March 2004.Tony's update and news.
December 2005.News about Tony's improvements.
Tony needs to travel to Pittsburg for treatment.
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November 2009, Good news about Tony.
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March 2005.Vigil at Terry Schindler Hospice.
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PLEASE BE PART OF LOVING CARE FOR MY SON TONY. We are from San Francisco, CA, my son Tony and I. He is 32 years old, (2006) but he looks much younger due to his disease. Tony became sick at his 16th birthday due to the Lyme disease infected tick. It was October 11, 1990. Doctors gave up on my son, declared his brain dead and pronounced him to be in a vegetable like state. At this point I took Tony home from the hospital. He was placed on the artificial ventilation machine and they fed him more then ten different medications a day. I was loosing Tony really fast and I knew I had to do something for him. Chinese acupuncture practitioner helped me to bring Tony back to breathe on his own. We took Tony home and I threw away all medications doctors gave him. Then the acupuncturist started to treat him. Two weeks later Tony did not need the artificial ventilation machine. But he still remained in coma, without any reaction to the outside stimuli. I had a nice job - maintenance worker for the San Francisco University Medical Center Hospital. I lost my job because I had to assume all care for my son. I had to provide Tony with much needed love and support, which our Lord Jesus Christ gave me to care for Tony. The doctors at the UCSF Medical Center gave Tony several weeks to live. It was in 1990. They gave him a diagnosis of brain death, the state of California will not give me what Tony needs - food, little money to buy necessary medical supplies for him and some support for me to care for him. Tony and I had to travel across the US 4 times to raise money for our little needs. In October 2001 I have found a doctor in Washington, DC who is willing to work with Tony and monitor his condition. He prescribed Tony a new antibiotic to help his brain fight the disease (in 1997 another doctor in Ohio prescribed him ampicillin for that matter. Tony was on ampicillin since that time).

This doctor also gave me new prescription for new leg braces for Tony. His old braces are not helping him any longer and even may damage his knees as now he is trying to stand on his own with my help. After so many years of not working his muscles and bones are very weak and need support. Tony also needs special orthopedic shoes and must have a new wheelchair and a special walker just like one for the small babies who learn to walk. The Medical (California medical assistance program) or Medicaid will not pay a dime for these much needed items as doctors at the UCSF medical center hospital gave Tony a "brain death" diagnosis. That diagnosis shut off the door for any assistance government may give us except to put Tony in the nursing home where he will lie without any help and love and care. He will die there, if I allow government to put him there. I love my son and do not want to give up him. My new doctor requested that we stay under his care for at least two years so he can evaluate my son's condition before he can give him a new diagnosis. Meanwhile we need to pay for the hotel, food and transportation. The doctor also recommended Tony to engage in speech therapy and physical therapy. The special education teacher is also needed so my son would be able to finish learning high school curriculum (he became sick while he was in the high school). I raised Tony by myself since he was two weeks old baby with his two brothers. When Tony was five and half years old my wife stole all my three sons and abused them. She burned Tony's right leg with "Drano." The police telephoned me and they told me to immediately take all my three sons with me because their mother abused them. Tony was six years old when I got back all my sons. They all were very sick and it took me two years to nurse them back healthy and now my son Tony got sick at his 16th birthday. He almost died and myself with our Lord Jesus Christ nursed him back to live and he will walk again on his own.

Also I have a special plea for American families. If you have hard time please do not take it out on your children, do not abuse them, do not kill your children and do not leave them in the door steps or with the trash or at the dumpster. Instead, please give them loving care like me and if you have hard time please seek help like me because there will be someone who will listen to you and help you. We live in wonderful and free America. It is our country and our Lord Jesus Christ loves us very much just seek help and ask our Lord - the help is always there. St.John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Cathedral is raising funds for my son's needs and for living expenses. If anybody is willing to help please send your donation to this FUND.

September 2005. Steve and Tony attended religious service at Saint Mark Orthodox Church.