Visit to TODOS supermarket

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Steve and Tony standing up in Woodbridge,VA in front of the TODOS market on Monday May the 1st.
The fresh air and the interaction with people help Tony improve. Steve makes sure that he gets the needed exercise and stands him up to strengthen his leg muscles and overall muscle coordination. Tony enjoys being outdoors and turns his head left and right looking at the passer byers.
Steve likes to acknowledge the help that they receive from people of different nationalities, that's why he proudly displays the flags of the U.S. and other countries like Spain and El Salvador and others.
It is remarkable the improvement that Tony made during the last year. While he was standing, his right leg moved forward and he was trying to make the effort to step ahead, then his left leg move also in the same direction. You can appreciate in this picture how he is lifting his leg.
Given the original medical diagnosis that was given to Steve about the condition of his son and the future prognosis that he would remain as a vegetable unable to stand up or move at all, it is very significant the way in which he manages -with the help of his father- now days to move and make the effort to walk.
Steve and Tony have been featured and interviewed in past by newspapers and even television stations so they encourage and welcome the local newspapers and TV stations to contact them so they can share the story of Tony's recovery and improvement from the onset of his illness and very pessimistic medical diagnosis to the present.
Mr.Carlos Castro general manager of the supermarket, kindly pays a visit to Steve and Tony and poses with them for a picture. He has a few words of commendation for Steve mentioning the loving and continuing effort and dedication with which he cares for Tony.
TODOS market is located at 14428 Jefferson Davis Hwy. in Woodbridge, Va. 22193. The telephone number is: 703-490.4907. They also have a location at Alexandria on 7849 B. Richmond Hwy. Tel: 703.360.4343.
The supermarket features a great variety of fruits and vegetables, dairy, meats canned goods, ready made food and many household utensils.
They also have tax preparation and money transfer services.
Steve deeply thanks the manager and all the employees and customers for their support and help which allows him to continually provide care and love to his son Tony.