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News and updates about Steve and Tony and special postings about some specially needed item.

Would you help donating some of your time? Please volunteer a few hours when possible, to help Steve exercise his son Tony who needs some mild physical therapy so he can maintain his legs and arms in good physical shape. If you can give a hand, Steve will tell you what to do. Another way to help would be donating some time to do errands or laundry for Steve while he cares for his son. Give Steve a call if you can help with a bit of your time once in awhile. Thank you.
Steve and Tony would like to thank Mr.Louis Segesvary, whom very generously has provided them with a laptop computer. The cost of the machine is about $ 1500.00, if anyone wishes to make a donation of any amount to Mr.. Segesvary to help him with this amount, he can be reached at the following number: 703-508.0695 .

Thank you very much. Steve and Tony.

In November 2002, Steve took Tony to a pilgrimage visit to the house of little Audrey Santos in Worcester, MA. Since then Steve has noticed a saddle but gradual improvement in Tony's motor and responsive abilities. He would like you to visit Audrey's web site and to look at this VIDEO about Audrey which was in the news around 2002.
January 2004.Steve wanted to share his story and his views about the health system, family values and religion with President Bush and Mrs.Bush. Here are the letters and pictures which he has send to the White House.
It's March the 29th 2005 and as we write these lines while Terri Schiavo continues without having received any nourishment or water for more than 10 days now and it seems that her passing may occure any day soon, Steve and Tony have traveled to Florida more than a week ago, to stay near the Hospice in Pinellas Park, where the tragedy is unfolding.
Steve and Tony are giving living testimony of what it means to love and not give up on the love ones, specially in cases such as this in which a person's life does not need to be supported by artificial means, just the food and water which we all required. Steve has been interviewed and praised for his efforts as a loving father while being there. When he comes back we will have his direct testimony and account of his stay in Pinellas Park with Tony. Please read about Terri's story here.
March 31st. Terri Schiavo just passed away this morning. Our condolences to her parents and siblings. May she rest in peace.
Testimonials about Steve and Tony's vigil in Pinellas Park.
On Monday May the 1st 2006,Steve and Tony visited the TODOS market located in Woodbridge, Va. where the manager Mr. Carlos Castro graciously allowed them to stay, exercise Tony and share their story with the numerous customers that visited the super-market. Here you will find several pictures of the moment and witness statements of how well Tony is improving.Read the story here.