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    A Father's Love for His Son
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    The doctors said my son is brain dead.
    With faith in God and the power of prayers, now, my son can talk.
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    They said he had only weeks or months to live...
    Thanks to God, that was over 30 years ago.

Steve & Tony

Our Story

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Written by:
Istvan (Steve) Sakac

Sometime around his 16th birthday in San Francisco, California, Tony suddenly turned ill. The diagnosis was lyme disease possibly due to an infected tick. In a very short period of time, he ended up in a vegetative state. The doctors declared him braindead and will be in a persistent vegetative state from hereon. They said that he had only a short time to live, possibly weeks or months. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, I did not believe it any of it. I refused to believe it...

Hello! My name is Istvan (Steven) Sakac and my son's name is Antal (Tony) Sakac. On March 21, 1991, I took him home from the hospital and took care of him was best I could while waiting for his time to come to an end. Thank God, it never did. Almost from the beginning, my wife and other kids wanted nothing to do with Tony. They treated him like he was already dead...like he wasn't even there. Even my friends at church, Christian brothers and sisters, did not care nor visit, instead they were saying that my son was already gone, that I should put him away and go back to work. There was one fanatic church group that did come one time every 11 months for a couple of years. Six people would come for 10 minutes. They would start jumping, screaming, laughing, hollering and falling down on the floor. That's how desperate I was to help Tony anyway I could. I got angry because I didn't understand how they were praying. And my loving son Tony was very ill, not being able to breath good. Everything was turning upside down.

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Steve and Tony, a father and son, are good people who happens to be in dire need of help. I can testify that they need all the help they can get. I've met Steve and Tony and have seen where they live, an apartment just big enough for the two of them. During the day, they park themselves in front of a grocery store asking for donations. I built this website to share their story hoping that they can get more exposure thus more donations. I'm sorry to say that their previous webmaster took advantage of them, and in some small ways still benefiting from Steve and Tony's situation. It's a long story. I stepped in to straighten it out as much as I can. IMPORTANT: All donations on this website goes to the care and living expenses for Steve and Tony. All donations goes directly to them.

I am personally begging all of you to share a little. Just a little, with Steve and Tony. Please make a donation today!

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From Steve: We need your help now. You can donate your time or money. We need all the help we can get. Please donate now. God Bless You All!

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We've compiled past and current photos and placed it in our photo gallery for your review and reference. This is one way you can view and keep track of what is going on with Steve and Tony via pictures.

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Read some of the most powerful letters written to Steve and Tony by extra ordinary citizens of this earth. Their words and wishes will uplift your spirits and your heart towards humanity as a whole.

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Letters from the Most Loving People on Earth

Steve and Tony are wonderful people. They need your help. Anything you can spare, time, things or money would be appreciated. This can happen to anyone. Let us pray that it happens to no one.Louis Segesvary, Washington, D.C.
February, 2019
Steve and Tony touched our hearts in so many ways. It really makes you think the "what ifs" in life. Give generously. Give with all your heart.Juan Martinez
December, 2008.
Let us pray that Steve and Tony get all the help they need and deserve. Pray to God that it does not happen to you or to anyone else. Pray and be thankful for all the blessings small and large.V. Rev. Thomas Kazich
October 20, 2018

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Anything you can provide or assist with will be helpful and we are truly grateful. God Bless All Of You!


We need money for gas, car maintenance and car payment. Anything you can send will be highly appreciated.


We are in constant need of medicine. Since Medicaid would not provide anything, your kind and generous help is all we have.

Leg Brace

We need to purchase a leg brace for Tony. It will help him tremendously when traveling to doctors.

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Tony needs physical therapy on a regular basis to keep his muscle and limbs from stiffening up.


We need volunteers for light housekeeping and laundry. More importantly, just someone to visit and talk to Tony about your everyday life.

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